A huge chunk of professionals sports have ground to a halt as the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc, but there’s still a small number that are finding a way to continue.

Football, in particular, has gone into hibernation mode with all of Europe’s major leagues now suspended indefinitely.

However, for those fans desperate to catch the beautiful game in motion, there are still some leagues around the world that are playing on.

The Belarusian Premier League is now the only active competition left in Europe and has seen its popularity soar as a result.

The country’s football federation even secured new broadcasting deals in as many as 10 countries, including Russia, Israel and India.

Naturally, it is also the top dog as bookmakers compile their odds.

Incredibly, fans are still able to attend the matches in Belarus although attendances have been dwindling with supporters wary of the risks involved.

Belarus is the only place in Europe you can watch top notch football now

There have been 2,919 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Belarus with 29 deaths, according to the latest figures.

Elsewhere, leagues in Tajikistan, Burundi and Nicaragua have also all stood firm against criticism and have continued to play on.

Tajikistan and Nicaragua have followed guidance given by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and are playing games behind closed doors, with the latter broadcasting matches live on television and the internet.

Taiwan recently became the latest to launch its football division, with the new season starting on Sunday.

In addition to its football league, Taiwan has also welcomed the return of professional baseball.

Taiwan has managed to limit the spread of confirmed coronavirus cases to just 393 and six deaths, according to the latest figures.

Baseball continues in Taiwan!

Horse racing has also managed to continue in a number of countries across the world, albeit behind closed doors.

Tracks in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and Sweden are among those to have continued racing through the crisis.

Meanwhile, the world of esports is continuing the thrive in the absence of mainstream sport with hoards of professional athletes turning their attention to gaming.