SOUTH TANGERANG – Prior to the kick-off of the Indonesia Junior League (IJL) 2020/2021 at the Batalyon Arhanud 1, Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD), South Tangerang, Banten, Rezza Mahaputra Lubis, as a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of IJL, conveyes several things related to IJL’s preparation.

“Preparations for IJL on this season may focus more on several health regulations and protocols, related to the still outbreak of the CoVID-19 pandemic,

We as an operator starting to socialize step by step before and when the IJL has started, so that the parties involved can be more aware,” said Rezza.

“When IJL takes place today (5/9), we continue to anticipate by tightening health protocols. There are some peoples who are found to have body temperatures above 37.5 degrees, we are forced not to allow them to enter the competition area, for our safety and comfort,” continued Rezza.

Meanwhile, the venue for the IJL competition, the Batalyon Arhanud 1, was also declared free zone of CoVID-19.

If for one reason or another, there are indications that it has been affected, or if there is any second attack of CoVID-19, the operator says it will coordinate directly with the Government (Kadispora) of South Tangerang City (Tangsel) in an effort to anticipate further impacts, especially the continuity of the current IJL’s competition.

Rezza also had time to reveal that the IJL’s activity this time would be used as an example or prototype for the City of Tangsel to prove that other major events could continue to be carried out during the CoVID-19 pandemic, as was the case with IJL, of course by following the rules and protocols strictly.

Responding to the planned of collaboration between IJL and the City of Tangsel, Rezza commented: “Our collaboration with the Tangsel City Government apart from IJL is related to the IJL international competition which we will hold in 2021.

Itself offers the concept of Sport Tourism by using its new stadium venue in Ciputat, which is planned to be renovated in the near future,”

Every week, IJL will hold around 9-10 matches or can reach 18-20 teams that are present for the U-13 category (every Saturday), meanwhile for the U-9 and U-11 categories it will be held every Sunday, and can present around 38-40 participating teams with the number of matches can reach 2 times from the U-13.

This means that in one season 2020/2021, the IJL is planning to hold more than 1,000 matches.

“We see that the children are very high enthusiasm and really miss IJL’s competition, including the teams in the committee of IJL, which around 42 peoples, who have their respective duties and responsibilities to support the success of IJL for this season.

Since the location also in the Batalyon Arhanud 1 (Indonesian National Army), for this year we also involve them to secure the IJL’s competition area,” added Rezza.

Rezza also hopes that grassroots level competition in football carried out by IJL by consistently in the last 7 years, can make a major contribution to Indonesian football in the future, including donating some potensial players, and it has been realize with 2 players IJL’s alumni who join with Indonesian National Team at the moment (2020).

“Several big clubs are also planning to join in the IJL U-13 competition, including Persib Academy, Persija Academy, and Tira Persikabo,” Rezza concluded.

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