Cristiano Ronaldo scores a trademark free-kick from range. He celebrates by doing the “SIIIIII” celebration in front of thousands of fans.

Sounds like a decent concept for a commercial, right? WRONG.

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner, fresh from appearing in a boxing sketch with Neymar Jr, has featured in what many are calling ‘the worst advert of all time.’

Singapore-based e-commerce portal Shopee may have splashed the cash on this one, but it’s left many scratching their heads.

Shortly after scoring a free-kick, Ronaldo is baffled when nobody reacts to his goal celebration.

What was that?

He then looks at the crowd, who are too busy browsing the ‘Shopee’ mobile app to give a sh*t about the Juventus forward scoring a banger from range.

The referee then brandishes his very own ‘Shopee’ card in an Oscar-winning performance before CR7 bursts into song and dance to the classic “Baby Shark” theme.

Watch the video below.