When it comes to being forgetful and clumsy, the man who lost his ATM card with a very easy pin number, might be the king of it.

Supposedly, when you have an ATM card, the pin should be the owner’s birthday or someone special to him or her. However, the owner of the lost ATM card might just be playing when he chose his pin number.

A lucky 39-year-old man from Singapore named Yap Yi San’s supposed to use an ATM machine in Toa Payoh when his attention was caught by a beeping sound. Guess what is it? — AN ATM CARD SHINING FROM THE CARD SLOT!

“What a lucky day for me!” is what the guilty party might be thinking.

On the other hand, the 46-year-old victim used the same machine as the culprit’s but he forgot to remove it.

Yap placed it on his pocket as soon as he saw it and few minutes later, he went to another ATM Machine which is DBS and used it. He had 2 attempts but he failed to crack the code but on his last attempt, using the numbers ‘888888’, his luck skyrocketed!

Or that’s what he thought so because a few hours later, the victim detected that someone’s using his money due to the abnormal bank transactions. The victim reported it to the police and Yap was sentenced to 9 weeks in jail.

Was it really his lucky day? Maybe not.